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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Flipped Learning: Revolution or Transformation?

I recently was listening to a radio talk show where the host was interviewing a guest who was an expert on the revolutions.  He had studied many historical revolutions and noted some interesting similarities between virtually all revolutions.  He noted

How to Make a Flipped Class Video with Someone Across the Country

One of the things folks have liked about Aaron and my videos is that we made them together.  We had classrooms right next to each other and though scheduling the making of the videos was often difficult, we felt the

Flipping the Elementary Classroom

A question I have been frequently asked is how do you flip an elementary classroom?  Does the flipped methodology work for the younger grades?  The answer is yes–sorta.   My current role is that of a K-8 technology facilitator.  I

Reflections of FlipCon12

It has been almost two weeks since the 5th Annual Flipped Class Conference (FlipCon12).  Three hundred and fifty educators from around the globe met at the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Downtown Chicago for three days.  We also had about three


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