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What does the Research Say About Flipped Learning?

Flipped Learning Research

I am often asked if educational research supports Flipped Learning. I am pleased to announce today that the Flipped Learning Network, in conjunction with Pearson and George Mason University have just published a literature review.  We have three resources to check out:  All of these resources can be found at


A Review of Flipped Learning.  Read now. (21-page pdf)


The Flipped Learning Model: A White Paper Based on the Literature Review. Read now. (16-page pdf)


The Executive Summary of the Literature Review.  Read now. (two-page pdf)

4 Responses to What does the Research Say About Flipped Learning?

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  4. Ananya B MN says:

    All the reviews are based on good amount of research and studying. Good work! Liked the work done.

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