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What is the Flipped Class

Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning:  Join Aaron Sams as he explains how flipped learning is changing the paradigm of education. 
Jon spoke on a panel at Tech Forum 2012 in Chicago. The topic was Emerging Opportunities and Learning Environments:  Hear Jon (and others) talk about things besides Flipped Learning
Flipped Class 101:  Aaron and Jon share about the flipped class at ISTE 2012 in San Diego
Flipped Class 201:  Managing the Flipped Class--Aaron and Jon discuss how they set up their mastery classrom at ISTE 2012 in San Diego
The Many Faces of the Flipped Class--Discussion at ISTE 2012 with many of the pioneers of the flipped class
The Joseph Sears School Team Presents about the Flipped Class:  This was at Tech Forum 2012 in Chicago

Jon was interviewed on American Radio Works

Steve Kelly talks to the Michigan State Board of Education about why he flipped his classes.  4 min will worth the watch.  He explains why he flipped.
The Flipped Classroom–Peer into Aaron Sam's Class, one of the pioneers of the flipped Class
The Flipped-Mastery Classroom:  See Jon Bergmann's Class and hear how he talks about using the Flip to create a mastery classroom
The Flipped Class is Born in Woodland Park–See how Aaron & Jon came up with the idea (though we have subsequently found that others had the idea before us.
The Flipped-Mastery Class in Action:  See Aaron's class in fast motion as he talks to every student in every class every day
Taking a Risk with At Risk Kids:  See how Greg Green, Principal at Clintondale High School has flipped his entire school
CBS Chicago did a piece on the Flipped Classroom in April 2012
Why I Flipped My Classroom:  See why Katie Gimbar Flipped her math class
Flipping the Classroom in a Middle School Math Class
Blended Learning Enables Lecture Homework Flipping:  Interview with Dale Ezenga as he flips his class
The Flipped Class Solves the Problem of Differentiation:  View Allison Drews Spanish Class where she describes how flipping solved her problem of multiple levels of students in the same class
The Flipped Class Explained–in SPANISH:  Allison Drew explains in Spanish the keys to the flipped classroom
A 7th Grade Math Teacher Flips:  Meet Justyna Kalinoslka as she explains the flip in her class
What is the Flipped Classroom?  Many different ways to flip a class in this engaging 7 min video
Elementary School Library Flipped Classroom
Flipped Classroom:  Using Go! Animate–Nice Explanation
How to make a Screencast
Webinar with Aaron & Jon on Classroom 2.0:  We did this in March of 2012 and had a great audience.  We presented for 30-40 min and then answered a lot of questions from the audience. 
How to Track Students in a Flipped Class--Ramsey Musallam talks about tracking students in a flipped class.
An 8th Grade Science Class Flips
The Flipped Class: Simply Speaking– A nice quick animated video explaining the flipped classroom at the college level. 
TEDxNCSU: Katie Gimbar & Dr. Lodge McCammon–Flipping the Classroom with Fizz
Paul Anderson Talks about The Flipped Class.  This a great video explaining the challenges and struggles with implementing the flipped class.-Reflections on the Flipped Class
Meet Stacy Roshan and listen to her (and her staff) explain how the flipped class reduces stress on her students.  
Students take on the Flipped Classroom–Cool video which explains how the flipped class works from the perspective of the students.
The Many Faces of the Flipped Classroom–Hear from a panel of flipped class pioneers as they talk about how they are transforming their classrooms.
Rick McCleary talks about the Flipped Classroom


Student Reactions to the Flipped Class

Flipped High School–See what students at the Flipped High School (Clintondale High School) think of flipping
Student Impressions of the Flipped-Mastery Model:  See what students at Woodland Park High School (Jon and Aaron's school) think of the flip
Student Impressions:  Flipped Art Histroy Classroom–Community College Professor Michelle Pacansky-Brock
Introduction to the Flipped-Mastery Classroom:  Jon and Aaron's video that students watch first that explains how class will work.
Intro Video for my Flipped Classroom:  Troy Cockrum explaiins the flip to his studennts
Interview with Dr. Eric Mazur from Harvard as he explains how he flipped his college physics classes.  With Alan November.


Example Flip Class Videos

How Coal is Mined Jon Bergmann
Ionic Bonding Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams
Backyard Astronomy Ken Boyer and Jon Bergmann
Chemistry Video Sampler Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann
Trigonometric Identies II Joseph Mellor
Fifth Grade Math Kristin Daniels
Spanish:  Mi Gusta  
Analysing Art Jennifer Fenton
Writing Technique for Flipped Classroom Videos Kristin Daniels
English Podcast:  Teacher uses the technology to flip her grading Sara Lee



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