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Flipping PE: Radio Show #3

I am truly enjoying meeting great educators and sharing their stories. The Flip Side Radio Show #3 features Jason Hahnstadt of the Joseph Sears School who is probably the first PE teacher to flip his class. Listen in to this

Flipping the Assessment with a Doc Camera


When I was in school I often got papers back from my teachers, especially my English teachers, with lots of red marks all over them, a few comments, and a grade at the top.  Did I closely check each of

A Learner Never Graduates

Katie and I at  Seljalandsfoss in Iceland

Let me pause to reflect on a more personal matter today.  Today, my second child, Kaitie,  just completed her last day of high school.  She will graduate from high school next weekend, but today was her last day of a

Flipping in Your First Year as a Teacher

Amber Mueller

Meet Amber Mueller, who flipped her 5th grade class during her first year as a teacher.  Listen to my interview with her. This is the second episode of my new radio show: "The Flip Side."  

The Flip Side Radio Show


I was recently invited by Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) and Nancy Blair (@blairteach) to join them at edchat radio on the BAM Radio network.  We had a great discussion about some of the key misconceptions about the flipped classroom.  After that

Lets Not Forget: Teaching is an Art–The Intersection between Relationship, Curiosity, and Content


Recently I was contacted by Microsoft's Anthony Salcito about doing a follow up about my work with the flipped classroom. When he contacted me I had just come off of a twitter conversation with Kwame Brown (@drkmbrown) where we discussed

Our Next Chapter


With the growth, or shall I say explosion, of Flipped Learning there has been an increasing demand on my life to spin many different plates.  I have a full time job at the Joseph Sears School, I am writing a

Flipping Iceland


I, along with my daughter Kaitie, had a chance this past week to share about Flipped Learning with educators in Iceland. Kaitie is 18 yrs old and has come to several events with me to add to the conversation. She

Key Questions You Should Ask Before You Flip Your Class


I am preparing to do a workshop with Icelandic Educators this week and I was asked to give them a list of questions to consider as they begin to flip their classes.  As I wrote these I realized that many

Rethinking WHAT We Teach

What We Teach vs All We Know

I graduated from high school in 1982.  By my students' standards, that makes me old.  I grew up in an age of books, pens, and paper.  Information was scarce and if I wanted access to knowledge I had to look


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